Friday, August 4, 2017

DIY Mini Paint Can Ornaments

diy mini paint can ornaments

The last miniature tool tree ornament tutorial is the mini paint can.  Can of paint or bucket of paint, whatever you call it, it's miniature and perfect for all those paint loving friends in your life.

diy mini tool tree

I shared all the mini tool tree ornaments during this past Christmas in July.  Such a fun little project idea or gift.

mini paint can ornaments

Below are the step by step instructions to make miniature paint can ornaments.

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mini Benjamin Moore paint can labels

Step 1: Print out labels to fit the plastic containers.  Spray paint exterior of plastic containers silver.

attach label to can

Step 2: Attach labels to containers using double sided tape.

glue paint into can

Step 3: Cut 1" dowel into 1" lengths.  Dip one end into white paint and let dry.  Once dry use hot glue to attach 'paint' into base of plastic container.

make wire handle

Step 4: Predrill small hole into both sides of plastic container near top edge.  Cut a small piece of wire and insert into both holes then bend end upwards.  Apply small dab of hot glue to exterior of plastic container where wire went in.  Add bakers twine hanger.

miniature paint bucket ornaments


Check out the whole tool tree ornament collection:

diy mini tool tree ornament collection

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  1. These ornaments are so cute! I've really enjoyed all the tutorials for these! I think the paint bucket is my favorite!